Eco-Talkers is dedicated to bringing environmental issues of today and possible solutions to as many people as possible via Public Speakers focusing on Climate Change, Managing the Waters of The World, Pollution Solutions, and how to create a more sustainable world for all. We thoroughly understand that through education to understand the problems and knowledge of possible ways to improve situations on a communal, national, and international basis, we can all pitch in to do our part.

There are so many conferences and other methods of communication around the world addressing environmental issues, sharing information, working out solutions. It is an exciting time to see so many people, from all walks of life, voicing their opinions, signing petitions, sharing online, stepping up their own game when it comes to choices, recycling, caring for the planet on a personal, community, and global level.

We wish to use speaking, writing, video, social media updates, to help spread the word about the latest developments in dealing with climate change, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, pollution, renewable energy, and the like and do so on the Managing Earth FaceBook page. You will find a wide array of interesting and relevant postings on updates and innovative solutions for environmental issues we face on a local and a worldwide scale. Focusing on a smaller scale is the BC Sustainable Solutions FaceBook page.

Featured Speaker - Dr. Mark Terry
Dr. Terry has a diverse background which has brought him to the point where he is an extraordinary communicator on many levels. Ecotalkers’ featured speaker, Mark Terry, Ph.D., is a member of the Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He teaches at York University, Glendon College in Toronto, Ryerson University in Toronto as well as Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. He also is an Associate Chair at UNESCO in Reinoriented Education for Sustainability in 2020.

Dr. Terry has been a regular attendee of every COP since 2009 when he was first invited by the UNEP to screen his film The Antarctica Challenge – A Global Warning to world leaders and delegates in conjunction with the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Congress. He returned the following year at COP16 to screen The Polar Explorer and met with policymakers to help draft new policies on rising sea levels and other issues. Dr. Terry next created a GIS map, The Youth Climate Report to house 3-minutes videos created by students from around the world that depict environmental issues and/or solutions in their region. Each year the students’ videos are juried and added to the map to create an evolving, locative, temporal new form of documentary film, adopted by UN policymakers as a way to access information. Dr. Terry turned his research into the GIS project and how policymakers have been informed and influence by videos and various media into a book entitled The Geo-Doc: Geomedia, Documentary Film, and Social Change, published by Palgrave Macmillan in Feb. 2020.

Dr. Terry is an experienced communicator on a variety of topics. He of course has thoroughly examined many aspects of climate change, life in the polar regions as far as environmental changes, and steps being taken by indigenous communities. He has made and lectures about documentary film and theory. He can address commercial theatre from first-hand experience and Hollywood musicals from the research he completed in order to teach courses on the subject. He has written and narrated several projects for film and television including his trilogy of polar films.

Dr. Terry is prepared to lecture on his experiences with the United Nations developing International environmental policy as well as a variety of academic subjects such as documentary film and theory, eco-cinema, climate change, and the polar regions. He also has a great deal of knowledge regarding the field of entertainment which lead him to lecture on the Hollywood Musical.