‘The Eden Magazine’ features Dr. Mark Terry, Jan. 2021

The Eden Magazine features Dr. Mark Terry in its January 2021 issue highlighting his work as an explorer, filmmaker, scholar, journalist, and author. Read the entire article on MagCloud‘s site.

The Eden Magazine focuses on issues that are significant to all people on the planet and the general ecology and health of the planet. It is firmly grounded in what we need to do to make life better for all of us. They state that: “Eden Magazine’s goal is to promote inner change, and thoughts through educational tools to acquaint us with our world.” Just as Dr. Terry reaches millions of people through film and video, this international environmental publication has over 2,000,000 print version subscribers just in America and reaches many more worldwide via various media. Both Dr. Terry and The Eden Magazine share stories and regarding climate change and the environment and what we need to do to adapt to this and to change our behaviours to improve the ecology of the planet and our lives.

Dr. Mark Terry in the Dominican Republic with plastic riverIn this feature article, many photographs are shared along with Dr. Terry’s answers to questions regarding himself and his career, various projects he has embraced, exploring different regions of the world, working as a documentary filmmaker which lead to working with the UN and supplying policymakers with film projects as well as his evolving documentary project entitled ‘The Youth Climate Report’. Dr. Terry also discusses teaching, writing the books, The Geo-Doc: Geomedia, Documentary Film, and Social Change, and Pandemic Poetry in 2020 and upcoming endeavours for 2021.